Torres-Tamarit (SFL) & Martínez-Paricio (Valencia): Atelier de phonologie

Torres-Tamarit (SFL) & Martínez-Paricio (Valencia): Get as big as you can: Trisyllabic hypocoristics in Spanish and layered feet
Mercredi 27 Septembre 2017 - 10:00 à 12:00
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Salle 159

Get as big as you can: Trisyllabic hypocoristics in Spanish and layered feet
Spanish hypocoristics are usually bisyllabic and sometimes bimoraic. In this paper we study a process of truncation in Spanish that results in trisyllabic hypocoristics (EncárnaEncarnación, MariájoMaría José). Trisyllabic hypocoristics usually surface with amphibrach (weak-strong-weak) rhythm (EncárnaEncarnación), although some forms show anapaest (weak-weak-strong) rhythm (MarijóMaría José). This article develops an analysis of this process by means of internally layered ternary feet. Internally layered feet are binary feet to which a weak syllable adjoins to create a minimally recursive foot. The theoretical claim of this paper is twofold: (i) that Spanish trisyllabic truncated forms correspond to an internally layered foot, which reconciles the general assumption that truncated forms maximally correspond to the size of a metrical foot, and (ii) that morphological operations such as truncation can directly refer to internally layered feet, expanding the body of work on layered feet by Martínez-Paricio and Kager (2015).