Going Romance 34 - Zoom

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General tips and basics of using Zoom

(based on https://saltconf.github.io/salt30/local.html /https://saltconf.github.io/salt30/zoom.html)

Basics of using Zoom

  • For a short Tutorial on using zoom (7 slides) please click here.
  • For one slide explaining the use of Break-out rooms in Zoom click here.
  • For screen shots of different functions in Zoom click here.
  • For more detailed instructions on using Zoom see https://saltconf.github.io/salt30/zoom.html

General Zoom tips

  • Use the computer (desktop) version of Zoom for full features
  • Update your Zoom client regularly (open the client and click zoom.us > Check for Updates) - new functionalities are added frequently (video instructions)
  • Use a wired connection if you can
  • Turn off or pause background syncing (dropbox, google sync, backups, etc)
  • Limit the number of applications and tabs open
  • If you're having trouble with your connection, turn off your video
  • Use headphones to avoid echo in your audio
  • Keep yourself muted when you are not talking. Then unmute yourself using the microphone/(un)mute button or ⌘/Alt+A or holding down the space bar.