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Romance minority languages and linguistic theory
Editors Michela Russo & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn
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Special Issue Submission Deadline Extension!
Submissions are due March 31

Much of the research on minority and understudied languages focuses on language policy and politics (maintenance, endangerment, and revitalization). However, recently, a spotlight has been placed on the special theoretical import of these languages, and the role they play in shaping our understanding of the language faculty and the linguistic landscape.
In recent decades, and especially recently, researchers are appreciating just how many understudied languages exist, this includes many endangered and/or minoritized bona fide varieties/languages (or clusters of thereof): Lombard, Sicilian, Rheto-Romance Judeo-Roman, Arpitan, Occitan, Istro-Romanian, but also creoles or creolized languages, and colonial languages: Michif, Papiamentu, Palenquero, Louisiana Cajun French and linguistic codes that are so minoritized, they are barely considered ‘varieties’ at all: pidgins, mixed and interlanguages (Llanito, Portuñol, Chavacano), and often acategorical and idiosyncratic (but still linguistically revealing) speech of heritage speakers.
A great many of these minority languages are Romance in origin and since there has been active, intensive and systematic research on the major Romance varieties for over a hundred years, this provides a backdrop from which to ask highly specific, micro-dialectal, micro-parametric, formal questions that are relevant to linguistic theory.
This special issue will create a space to further champion the theoretical relevance of the morpho-syntax, morphology and phonology of minority and minoritized linguistic languages of Romance origin, which are understudied, both inside and outside of Europe.


Submission Criteria

Isogloss is a journal of theoretical and experimental linguistics, with the Romance varieties as object of investigation.
Submissions are accepted for articles on any linguistic phenomenon in any Minority Romance variety. No specific theoretical approaches are given any preference.
Submissions are encouraged, which provide insight on the core domains of linguistic theory, particularly through the morphology and phonology, both synchronic and diachronic.
Preference will be given to papers that explicitly discuss how their documentation/data of minoritized languages upsets and rewrites the field’s theoretical assumptions.


Due to limited space and for internal coherence of the volume, there will be a preselection based on the abstract and title. The most relevant articles will be selected by the SI editors. The preselected articles will then be sent for peer review. The criteria for selection is: (a) minority/lesser know status of the language in question and (b) the contribution to linguistic theory, especially phonology and morphology.

Submissions are accepted in English only. Isogloss adopts a double-blind peer-reviewing procedure.


-Paper submission opened December 15, 2023 – February 29, 2024
-Reviews will be sent to authors with decisions to accept / reject: May 30, 2024
-Final versions due: June 31, 2024


We will handle all your submissions through the Isogloss website.
The number of pages for each contribution is set at 20 (bibliography excluded). The guidelines and templates for article submissions are at the following


As the journal does not offer proofreading typesetting and services, it is very important that you follow the guidelines. When you are ready to submit your article, you should go to the submissions page and:
login or register > click “new submission” > follow the steps
IMPORTANT: in “Section”, select:
RMLLT Romance Minority Languages and Linguistic Theory.


Review requirements:

- Each paper is read by 2 reviewers;
- There is only one round of review. There is no Revise and Resubmit option. A paper can be published if the reviewers' recommendation leads to an 'accept' or 'accept with minor revisions'.


Please contact us if you have questions.
We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.


Michela Russo & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (eds.)


 RMLLT/Romance minority languages and linguistic theory -

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