[Grammaires Créoles] Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (UMR 7023)

Complex constructions with GIVE in Haitian and Martiniké

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Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (UMR 7023)
Complex constructions with GIVE in Haitian and Martiniké

This talk presents work in progress on complex constructions with BA(Y) in Haitian and BA ‘give’ in Martiniké that originate as serial verb constructions.

Serial verb constructions have been central to the study of Creole languages (Sebba 1987, Veenstra & Muysken 2017, Maurer et al 2013). As secondary verbs in a serial construction are characterized negatively by a lack of verbal properties (no negation, no TAM marking) it is often not clear whether elements that historically were verbal have been reanalysed as prepositions (see Lord 1993 for grammaticalization of serial verbs).

I present the types of evidence that have been adduced to argue for a reanalysis of serial verbs as prepositions in the literature on Creole languages and how the criteria apply to Haitian and Martiniké (Jean-Louis 2019).

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