[LaGraM] Alda Mari (Institut Jean Nicod)

Layers of modality. Epistemic modals and belief
Lundi 4 Février 2019 - 10:00 à 12:00
Lieu détaillé: 

Salle 124


Alda Mari (IJN - CNRS)

Layers of modality. 
Epistemic modals and belief

In this talk we present the empirical and formal foundations of our theory of (epistemic) modality, centering around the notions of nonveridicality, epistemic weakening, and bias. We will uncover a number of layers in the structure of modal operators, including a layer of meta-evaluation. We will offer an analysis of modal adverbs as being the realizations of that function, thus offering a novel perspective on the phenomenon of ‘modal spread’ (often called ‘modal concord’) and PPIhood of universal epistemic modals. Time permitting, we will make the case for extending the analysis to non-Hintikkean belief (subjunctive belief) uncovering a new parallelism between non-factive epistemic attitudes and epistemic modality.