[LaGraM] Ora Matushansky (UMR 7023)

Lundi 16 Janvier 2017 - 10:00
Lieu détaillé: 

UPS Pouchet, salle 124


A number of different structures have been proposed for pseudo-partitives (e.g., seven liters of milk), with or without concomitant semantic analyses. Starting with the assumption that the underlying argument structure should be the same for measure nouns across different languages, I will examine cross-linguistic evidence for and against different constituency and headedness, and demonstrate that the bulk of it argues for treating the substance NP as the sister of the measure noun (a complement) to the exclusion of the cardinal or determiner. As semantics appears to favor a different analysis where the substance NP combines with the measure phrase as a whole, I will discuss the various ways of resolving this contradiction.