[LaGraM] Ane Berro

Lundi 13 Mars 2017 - 10:00 à 12:00
Lieu détaillé: 

Salle 255


KA is a suffix that attaches to event or instrument naming Roots, allative postpositional phrases, high cardinal numbers or distributive numerals and group nouns in Basque. KA has been regarded as a morpheme providing iterativity (Etxepare 2003, de Rijk 2008, Berro 2015) in the eventive domain, but no syntactic or semantic analysis of this morpheme has been provided, and its multidomain character, applying in the eventive, spatial and numeral domain has not been addressed.

In this talk, a unitary semantic and syntactic analysis of KA is proposed, which accounts for its use in the verbal domain, in the postpositional domain and in the numeral domain. It is argued that KA is a syntactic head providing cumulativity (Krifka 1998, Zwarts 2008, see also Rothstein 2004 2007), and that the syntactic object resulting from its projection is cumulative: an atelic (and iterative) event, an unbounded Goal path or a cumulative group noun. Therefore, this study supports the aspectual parallelisms between events, paths and numerals, proposing that a syntactic projection contributing cumulativity yields unboundedness in the three domains.