Thème / Theme
Phonologie, interfaces et modélisation
Syntaxe et sémantique
Site Internet personnel / Personal website
Fonction / Position
Directeure de recherche
Thèmes de recherche / Research themes
  • Measure phrases

  • Weak definites, kinds and concepts

  • Axial complexes (in front of, to the left of, on board, etc.)

  • Cardinal numerals

  • Proper names: syntax, semantics; modified and complex proper names

  • Scalarity: syntax and semantics

  • DPs as phases

  • Predication, cross-linguistic predicate marking (predicate case, copular particles, copulas), small clauses

  • Russian phonology and morphology

  • Internal structure of extended AP and extended NP: DP-internal adjective fronting, adjective ordering and adjective scope, the structure of modification, superlatives

  • Interaction between different modules of the grammar

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