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Carlo Cecchetto


Address: CNRS, Structures Formelles du Langage

59 rue Pouchet, 75017 Paris

e-mail   carlo.cecchetto123 [at]

Date of birth: June, 1 1964                             Nationality: Italy





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Publication years: 1994-2023
Citation years: 27 (1994-2023)
Papers: 224
Cites/year: 118.28


h-index 29

g-index 54

hI,norm 19

hI,annual 0,.66




Publications (supervised Ph-D. students in bold)


Authored Books


C. Cecchetto & C. Donati. (Re)labeling, Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 70, Cambridge: MA, MIT Press., 2015.


C. Cecchetto, A. Di Domenico, M. Garraffa & C. Papagno, COMPRENDO. Batteria per la comprensione di frasi negli adulti, Milano: Raffaele Cortina, 2012.


C. Cecchetto Introduzione alla sintassi. La Teoria dei Principi e dei Parametri, Milano:  LED Edizioni, 2002 (second edition).


C. Cecchetto, Grammatica e Sintassi della Forma Logica, Rivista di Grammatica Generativa Monograph Series, Padova: Unipress, 1996.



Edited books


J. Quer, C. Cecchetto, C. Donati, C. Geraci, M. Kelepir, R. Pfau, & M. Steinbach (scientific directors) SignGram Blueprint: A guide to sign language grammar writing. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter, 2017.


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Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals


Giorgia Zorzi, Valentina Aristodemo, Beatrice Giustolisi, Charlotte Hauser, Caterina Donati and Carlo Cecchetto (2023). Assessing Lexical and Syntactic Comprehension in Deaf Signing Adults, The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education


Giulia Gilardone, Mauro Viganò, Giulio Costantini, Alessia Monti, Massimo Corbo, Carlo Cecchetto and Costanza Papagno (2023). The role of verbal short‐term memory in complex sentence comprehension: An observational study on aphasia. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 10.1111/1460-6984.12851


M. Sala, G. Bettelli, B. Giustolisi, A. Vergallito, L. Romero Lauro, C. Cecchetto (2023). Comprehension of double-center embedded relatives in Italian: a case for hierarchical intervention. Isogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics. 9, 1-29.


C. Cecchetto and C. Donati (2022) Labeling (Reduced) Structures: When VPs Are Sentences. Linguistic Inquiry, doi:


B. Giustolisi, J. S.  Martin, G. Westphal-Fitch, T. Fitch and C. Cecchetto (2022) Performance of Deaf Participants in an Abstract Visual Grammar Learning Task at Multiple Formal Levels: Evaluating the Auditory Scaffolding Hypothesis. Cognitive Psychology DOI: 10.1111/cogs.13114


V. Aristodemo, B. Giustolisi, G. Zorzi, D. Gras, C. Hauser, R. Sala, J.  Sánchez Amat, C. Donati & C. Cecchetto (2022) On the nature of role shift: insights from a comprehension study in different populations of LIS, LSC and LSF signers, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory,


G. Zorzi, B. B. Giustolisi, V. Aristodemo, C. Cecchetto, C. Hauser, J. Quer, J. Sánchez Amat, C. Donati (2022) On the reliability of the notion of native signer and its risks. Frontiers in Psychology/Language sciences DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.716554


Hauser, Charlotte, Giorgia Zorzi, Valentina Aristodemo, Beatrice Giustolisi, Doriane Gras, Rita Sala, Jordina Sánchez Amat, Carlo Cecchetto and Caterina Donati. (2021). Asymmetries in relative clause comprehension in three European sign languages. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 6(1): 72. 1–36. DOI:


Carlo Cecchetto, Alessandra ChecchettoBeatrice Giustolisi  and Mirko Santoro (2021) Age of exposure and subject/object asymmetries when wh-movement goes rightward. The case of LIS interrogatives. Sign Language & Linguistics


Konrad, I., Foppolo, F., Burattin, M., Cecchetto C., Staub A., & Donati, C. (2021). Avoiding gaps in Romance:  Evidence for a structural parsing principle from Italian and French, Syntax. doi: 10.1111/synt.12209


C. Donati, F. Foppolo, I. Konrad and C. Cecchetto (2021) Whatever his arguments, whatever relatives are not free relatives: a reply to Caponigro’s Reply. Linguistic Inquiry,


Stéphanie Luna, Sven Joubert, Marion Blondel, Carlo Cecchetto and Jean-Pierre Gagné (2020), The Impact of Aging on Spatial Abilities in Deaf Users of a Sign Language, Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 2020, 1–11 doi: 10.1093/deafed/enaa034


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Book Chapters


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The following chapters and sections have been published in: Branchini, Chiara and Lara Mantovan (eds.). 2020. A Grammar of Italian Sign Language (LIS). 1st ed. (SIGN-HUB Sign Language Grammar Series). ISBN (EBOOK): 978-88-6969-474-5, DOI 10.30687/978-88-6969-474-5.


  • Syntax Part, Section 1.1  Sentence types: declaratives
  • Syntax Part, Section 1.2  Sentence types: interrogatives
  • Syntax Part, Section 1.3  Sentence types: imperatives
  • Syntax Part, Section 2.5 Clause structure: clausal ellipsis
  • Syntax Part, Section 3.3 Argument clauses
  • Syntax Part, Section 3.5.5 Coordination and subordination. Adverbial clauses: Reason clauses
  • Syntax Part, Section 3.5.6 Coordination and subordination. Adverbial clauses: Purpose clauses
  • Syntax Part, Section Coordination and subordination. Adverbial clauses:  Internal structure of concessive clauses
  • Syntax Part, Section Coordination and subordination. Adverbial clauses:  Manual signs marking subordination in concessive clauses
  • Syntax Part, Section Coordination and subordination. Adverbial clauses:  Non-manual markers in concessive clauses
  • Pragmatics Part, Chapter 3. Speech acts
  • Pragmatics Part, Chapter 6. Reporting and role shift



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