Rebekah RAST

Thème / Theme
Acquisition et psycholinguistique
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Fonction / Position
Professor of English and Linguistics at the American University of Paris
Publications représentatives / Representative publications

Books and Chapters

Han, Z-H. and Rast, R. (Eds.) (2014) First Exposure to a Second Language: Learners’ Initial Input Processing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Rast, R., Watorek, M., Hilton, H. and Shoemaker, E. (2014) Initial processing and use of inflectional markers: Evidence from French adult learners of Polish. In Z-H. Han and R. Rast (Eds.), First Exposure to a Second Language: Learners’ Initial Input Processing, 64-106. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Rast, R. (2008) Foreign Language Input: Initial Processing. Clevedon, Multilingual Matters.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Dimroth, C., Rast, R., Starren, M. and Watorek, M. (2013) Methods for studying a new language under controlled input conditions: The VILLA project. Eurosla Yearbook 13: 109-138.

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Articles in conference proceedings

Rast, R. (2015). Primi passi in un nuovo sistema linguistico. In M.E. Favilla & E. Nuzzo (Eds.), Grammatica Applicata: Apprendimento, Patologie, Insegnamento, 111-124. Milano: Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Applicata.