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The SIPro project (Structure Informationnelle et Prosodie dans le discours natif et en L2) is an international research project for studying the role of prosody (with respect to other linguistic components) in signaling discourse structure. This project is an extension of the 'Langacross-2' project (Link) and is supported by the University of Paris 8 (AAP) and the CNRS (UMR 7023) since 2020. The goal is to investigate how the prosodic systems interact with syntax and semantics in the expression of additive and contrastive relations in Romance vs Germanic languages. We try to shed light on the complexity of these interactions in adult L1 /L2 productions with an experimental and typological perspective. We are currently exploring native data of a Spot the difference task collected in French, Italian, German and English (introduction and localization of entities, confirmations & disconfirmations).

  • Main coordinators: S. Benazzo & F. Santiago (U. of Paris 8 and CNRS)
  • International Scientific Network: M. Watorek, M. Lambert, S. Anastasio (U. of Paris 8), A.-C. Demagny (CNRS), C. Dimroth, L. Dörre (U. of Munster), C. von Stutterheim (U. of Heidelberg), M. Starren (Radboud University), C. Andorno (U. of Turin) & Bianca De Paolis (U. of Paris 8 & U. of Turin)


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Recent publications :


  • Benazzo, S., Ch. Dimroth & F. Santiago (2021). Additive linking in L2 French discourse by German learners: syntactic embedding and intonation patterns. Languages, 6 (1)
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