Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin & Ion Giurgea


LIA “The Grammar of the Verbal Domain in Romanian and Beyond”

The central goal of this project is to achieve a systematic description of the Verb Phrase and of the sentence in Romanian while at the same time comparing Romanian with the other Romance languages. This large scale empirical research will complete the elaboration of the Reference Grammar of Romanian (the first volume of which, on the Noun Phrase, has been published in 2013 by John Benjamins, see Based on the most recent results in formal linguistics, this type of grammar is not itself a formal grammar, but is instead meant for a large audience of students, teachers of grammar or of foreign languages and researchers in descriptive and theoretical linguistics. This grammar aims at a systematic fine-grained description of the whole grammatical system of Romanian. While working on the various chapters of the Grammar the authors will also expoit the theoretical consequences of the fine-grained empirical description in research articles published in international journals or thematic volumes.

  • Patricia Cabredo Hofherr
  • Brenda Laca
  • Elena Soare
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