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Fonction : 
Équipe de rattachement : 
Acquisition et psycholinguistique
Thèmes de recherche : 
  • Psycholinguistique
  • Acquisition de la langue première et seconde
  • Compréhension de la phrase et du discours
  • Compréhension et production des expressions référentielles
Enseignements : 
  • Psycholinguistique (L2)
  • Production du langage (L2)
  • Langage et cerveau (L2)
  • Compréhension du langage (L3)
  • Acquisition et psycholinguistique (M2)
Publications représentatives : 
  • Schimke, S., de la Fuente, I., Hemforth, B., & Colonna S. (2018). First language influence on second language offline and online ambiguous pronoun resolution. Language Learning, 68(3), 744-779. DOI:10.1111/lang.12293
  • Colonna, S., Schimke, S., de la Fuente, I., Kuck, S., & Hemforth, B. (2018). Effects of exposure and information structure in native and non-native pronoun resolution in French. Linguistic Vanguard, 4(s1). DOI:
  • Schimke, S. & Colonna, S. (2016). Native and non-native interpretation of pronominal forms : Evidence from French and Turkish. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 38(1), 131–162. DOI:10.1017/S0272263115000303
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  • Colonna S., Schimke S. & Hemforth B. (2015). Different effects of focus in intra- and intersentential pronoun resolution in German. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 30(10), 1306-1325.
  • Colonna, S., Charolles, M., Sarda, L. & Pynte, J. (2014). Effect on Comprehension of Preposed versus Postposed Adverbial Phrases. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 43(6), 771-790. DOI 10.1007/s10936-013-9279-x
  • Järvikivi, J., Pyykkönen, P., Schimke, S., Colonna, S. & Hemforth, B. (2014). Information structure cues for 4 year olds and adults: tracking eye-movements to visually presented anaphoric referents. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 29(7), 877-892.
  • Colonna, S., Schimke, S. & Hemforth, B. (2014). Information structure and pronoun resolution in German and French: Evidence from the visual-world paradigm. In B. Hemforth, B. Schmiedtovà & C. Fabricius-Hansen (Eds.), Psycholinguistic approaches to meaning and understanding across languages (pp. 175-195). Studies in theoretical psycholinguistics. Munich: Springer.
  • Colonna, S., Schimke, S. & Hemforth, B. (2012). Information structure effects on anaphora resolution in German and French: A cross-linguistic study of pronoun resolution. Linguistics, 50(5), 991-1013. DOI:
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