[SLS & SynSem] Masha Kyuseva (SMG, Surrey)

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Lundi 11 Octobre 2021 - 14:00 à 16:00
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Masha Kyuseva (SMG, Surrey)

Size and shape specifiers in Russian Sign Language and how they differ from gesture

This talk will present an analysis of Russian Sign Language (RSL) signs denoting size and shape (SASSes).

SASSes are frequently used by genetically and typologically diverse sign languages to describe visual characteristics of objects, such as ‘thin’, ‘thick’, ‘round’, ‘pointed’, etc. (Zwitserlood, 2003; Supalla, 1986; Sutton-Spence & Woll, 1999; Bauer, 2014). Despite their wide use, there has been little research focusing on this group of signs. At the same time, SASSes represent a worthy of study object, as they exhibit features of both linguistic and gestural nature. The talk will focus on the comparison between RSL SASSes and Russian co-speech iconic gestures of size and shape.

The method of the study entails a series of psycholinguistic experiments in which participants perform a range of communicative games (“matching task type” scenario). The talk will cover the following topics:

  • data collection specifics for SASSes vs. co-speech gestures
  • use of the manual components in RSL SASSes vs. Russian co-speech gestures
  • speech vs. gesture interaction