[SynSem] Dalina Kallulli (U. Vienne)

Facts and thoughts on (wh-)relatives


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Dalina Kallulli (U. Vienne)

Facts and thoughts on (wh-)relatives

In this talk I will revisit some known but little discussed data on certain asymmetries observed in relative clauses (RC) in Albanian, Greek and German. While these asymmetries are hardly unifiable — in Albanian and Greek they involve the (im)possibility of clitic doubling of the head of RC which crucially depends on its (in)definiteness, and in German the impossibility of the relativizer “welch-“ with a head noun bearing genitive case — they clearly show that the head-raising analysis of relative clauses cannot possibly account for the whole range of relative clauses found in the world’s languages, as also espoused both in classical work (Sauerland 1998) and more recent research (Cinque 2020).