[SynSem] Teresa Peralta (UNAM)

A minimalist approach to recursion and the syntactic structure of numerical terms


Teresa Peralta (ENALLT, UNAM, Ciudad de México)

A minimalist approach to recursion and the syntactic structure of numerical terms (abstract/résumé pdf)

Among the many issues than researchers have addressed regarding the nature of numerical terms (NT, from now on), they have studied their syntactic structure. In this area, there are different and sometimes contradicting proposals (Zweig (2005), Ioning and Matushansky, (2006/2018); Stavrou and Terzi (2008), and Di Scullio (2012,2015, 2017) among many others).
Our proposal discusses Di Scullio’s analysis and present one characterization for numerical additive and  multiplicate  NT  that  assumes  that  it  is  not  necessary  not  desirable  two  posit  different structures: one for small NT on the one hand, and another for large NT on the other hand.  
This characterization considers at least four main issues:

  • (1) that there is one recursive mechanism that accounts for the structure of NT, which can include an explicit or implicit operator rendering a  direct  or  indirect  recursion; 
  • (2)  that  this  recursive  mechanism  is  always  asymmetric  and hierarchical and has syntactic and semantic consequences for the properties of such structures;
  • (3) that there is a functional projection for addition and one for multiplication as well as non- interpretable features that need to be checked, and finally
  • (4) that the categorial status of NT is that of determinatives.  


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